About me

Both my Father and Uncle are local Thatchers, having worked in the area since the early 1980’s. I grew up with this way of life helping out as a school boy either unloading deliveries of Wheat Straw or helping out onsite in school holidays. This gave me a great foundation and understanding of materials and techniques. When I left school it was a natural step to take on an apprenticeship with my father, and I haven’t looked back. I completed a 7 year apprenticeship that included all 3 core material disciplines (Combed Wheat Straw, Traditional English Long Straw, European influenced / Norfolk Water Reed) and the corresponding techniques too.

I also worked with a Hazel/Willow Thatching Spar Maker, learning the craft of woodland management and coppicing and the technique of making liggers and spars; all skills I use in my Business.

Following working with both my father and uncle for a number of years after completing my apprenticeship, I then decided to set up my own business.

My aim is to produce high impact visual craftmanship that compliments the architectural heritage of the properties.

Using traditional thatching techniques suited to the material required enabling maximum life of both the main body and the ridge.

I draw my influences from local past Master Thatchers’ of the 60’s and 70’s, whose foundation of craftsmanship was based upon an ideal that passes the test of time, and whose wheat straw work can still be found working today, 50 years on. But also with a view to bring the craft into the modern age with visually stunning finishes.

As well as the high quality finish that I aim to achieve on the properties, I feel I am approachable and personable and easy to have on site for my clients . I have a wealth of knowledge of the industry being a 2nd generation Master Thatcher and am always happy to pass on my knowledge to my customers, who naturally have an interest in the craft whilst you are working on their properties.

I aim to provide exceptional customer service as well as quality craftmanship.

Material I use

I source my material from a Devon producer of Wheat Straw who I have a long standing relationship with.

Thatch Animals

I am also able to create quality thatch animals, which a lot of my clients request. My signature animal is a Mother Duck and her ducklings, but I have also created, Boxing Hares, Owls, Pheasants, Foxes to name a few.